What Is Sleep Mode In AC?

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Ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night just to turn off your AC? It happens to the best of us! We all want that deep restoring sleep after a long day, so we crank up the AC and fan to cool down our room instantly. But then, the inevitable happens – we get way too cold, even on a hot summer night, and our legs feel like icicles. So, we fumble around in the dark to find the AC remote, totally messing up our peaceful slumber.

Well, guess what? AC manufacturers totally get this struggle and have actually come up with a solution to save us from this nighttime AC remote adventure. They’ve got your back so you DON’T sleep like a baby ( new parents will get that!). Enter sleep mode in air conditioners!

So, let us explore what is sleep mode? How to use it, their advantages and other tips to save your slumber!

What Is Sleep Mode?

Sleep mode is an option in air conditioners that maintains a comfortable temperature in your room, saving energy in the process. When activated, it adjusts the temperature and fan speed at regular intervals to maintain a comfortable temperature in your room. This ensures you don’t have to wake up mid night to adjust the AC temperature or switch it off.

How It Works?

In most air conditioners, it works by increasing the temperature by 1°C every hour for the next 2-3 hours. Then, it maintains the same temperature throughout the night. Additionally, the fan speed is also reduced so that you have a quieter environment for a good night sleep. Some ACs also have the option to increase the temperature around the time of waking up.

Advantages of Sleep Mode In AC

Better temperature regulation– Our core temperature drops by 1-2 degrees when we drift to sleep and increases when we wake up. So even though your may need your AC to be at 24°C when going to sleep, after a few hours, you do not need it to be that cold. As sleep mode increases the temperature of the room, it helps your body regulate the temperature more effectively, thus improving your sleep quality.

Better Energy Savings- According to BEE, increasing the AC temperature by 1°C will result in at least 6% energy savings. So, if your AC temperature increases by 3°C in sleep mode, it will result in around 18% energy savings compared to conventional mode.

Better Sleep- As temperature is regulated throughout the night, your sleep is likely to be better as there is no disturbances.

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How To Use Sleep Mode More Effectively?

sleep mode in ac

The key to making sleep mode work like a charm is nailing that initial temperature you set. Get it wrong, and your sleep could suffer.

If you crank it down too low, say around 18°C, the AC will push it up to 20 or 21°C at night, still leaving you feeling chilly and restless. But if you set it way too high, you’ll end up with a stuffy room that’s just as bad for your snooze time. The sweet spot is around 24 or 25°C, so that you’ll find yourself drifting off in comfort as it naturally hits around 26-27°C during the night.

Most ACs let you customize the duration of Sleep Mode, usually from 2 to 7 hours. Now, if you use AC and fan, then, set the sleep mode for just around 3-4 hours. That way, your room gets nice and chilly, and the fan can keep that cold air circulating to keep you cozy during your sleep. But to make this work you’ve got to ensure your room is well-insulated. Seal up any cracks or gaps, and keep those doors shut tight. You don’t want your precious cool air leaking out and messing with your sleep setup!

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Sleep Mode In Different AC Brands

Now, let us explore the sleep modes in popular AC brands in India and how they differ from each other. Note that these are a general guide and may vary from model-to-model.


In LG split ACs, the sleep mode can be set from 2 to 7 hours. When activated, the temperature increases by 1°C after 30 minutes and another 1°C after another 30 minutes. Then, it remains constant. To activate sleep mode, switch on the AC, set the initial temperature, press sleep mode, adjust the timer using the arrow button and press set/cancel button to activate the mode.


Newer Samsung ACs have a more advanced sleep mode. Here, the temperature decreases by 1-2 °C for the first hour. In the second stage, it increases by 1-2 °C from the set temperature. You can set the duration for 2-7 hours in the second stage. After this, the temperature increases by 3 °C from the set temperature so that your core temperature rises to wake up feeling refreshed.

To activate sleep mode, press “Mode” button, to select heat or cold. Then, press timer button three times so that it shows sleep icon. Use the arrow button to set the sleep duration, and adjust the temperature by pressing the plus or minus button. Press set/cancel to activate the mode. If you have a Wind-free model, you can opt for it before pressing the set/cancel button.


In Voltas AC, the temperature increases by 1 °C in first hour, second and third hour each, resulting in a total 3 degree increase.


In Carrier ACs, the temperature increases by 1 °C for the next two hours each and then switches off after the 7th hour.

Other Modes In ACs That May Be Helpful At Night

Timer: If you are someone who likes to switch off the AC once the room is cool enough, then timer mode could be useful for you. Using this mode, you can set the AC to switch itself off after a set period of time. Most ACs have a timer for switching on and switching off the AC.

Quiet Mode- If you are particularly sensitive to sound, you can switch on the quiet mode so that it slows down the fan speed and reduces the compressor noise to ensure a good night sleep.

Eco Mode- If you are concerned about the energy bills, you could opt for eco mode which adjusts the AC’s performance to optimize energy consumption without compromising on your comfort.

Air Purification mode- In ACs with air purification mode, using the option will help clean the air removing dust and other allergens so that you breathe better and don’t wake up at night with a stuffy or a runny nose.

Auto mode- If you want a more hands-off approach, auto mode will use its sensors to analyze the ambient temperature, humidity level etc. to adjust the temperature and fan speed for your comfort.

Swing mode- Whether you sleep alone or with your family, using swing mode will ensure the air is circulated throughout the room so that the temperature is even.

So to conclude, your AC has several modes including sleep mode that is designed to enhance your comfort and improve energy savings. So, do experiment with them to utilize your AC to its full potential!

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