7 Best Hand Blender In India 2023: Tried and Tested Recommendations

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Looking to find the best hand blender in India for your needs? Check our recommendations based on hands-on testing.

A hand blender is a versatile kitchen appliance that is apt for blending hot ingredients like dal, and blanched vegetables and also for making soups, smoothies and shakes. Most people think it is synonymous with hand mixers, which are actually an appliance that has totally different functionality. A hand mixer can be used for whisking egg whites to foamy consistency, creaming butter with sugar and mixing cake batter. So while a hand mixer is something for bakers, a blender is more of a mini mixer grinder for liquidizing.

As the mix-up between hand mixers and blenders is prevalent, we have tried out both hand mixers and hand blenders for this review to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

The seven options we tried were quite promising in terms of performance. Each had its own positives and negatives and was best suited for different needs. Here is a snapshot of the different options we tried.

Our Recommendations

If you are looking for a strong, durable hand mixer for whipping cream and egg whites, yolks, and mixing cake batter and ice cream, then Philips HR3705 is a highly recommended option. With large mixing attachments, durable body and with adequate power, it is an option that will not fail you.

If you are looking for a hand blender for pureeing fruits and vegetables, blending dal, making mayonnaise, milkshakes with soft ingredients etc, then Philips HL1655 is an excellent choice to look at. Its whipping blade is designed in such a way that ingredients don’t get stuck in it, which is a huge advantage when blending larger pieces of ingredients. However, it is a bit bulky in size.

Best Hand Blenders In India

ModelPowerUsesBest Suited For
Philips HR3705300 wattsWhipping egg, cream and
mixing cake batter
Amateur bakers who cannot
afford a stand mixer.
Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 1000 wattsWhipping egg and cream;
Blending dal, tomato, soup,
milkshake etc;
Chopping onion, ginger-garlic etc.
Those who need a complete package for blending ingredients and whipping for baking.
Also acts as a chopper.
Kent 16050150 wattsWhipping egg, cream and
mixing cake batter
Those who bake cakes or make icecreams occasionally.
Orpat HHB-100E250 wattsBlending dal, boiled vegetables, making soups, milkshakes etc.New parents who are looking for an affordable option to puree baby food, make milkshakes etc.
Kent 16040400 wattsBlending dal, boiled vegetables, making soups, milkshakes etc.Those who need a powerful hand blender instead of opting for a personal-sized blender. Apt for making chutney, mayonnaise, smoothies etc.
Philips HL1655250 wattsBlending a variety of cold and hot ingredientsThose who need a powerful blender for making mayonnaise, milkshakes, purees, chutneys etc.
Generic~180 wattsWhipping cream, egg, butter etc.For occasional bakers who need a
cheap hand mixer for whipping ingredients.

Table of Contents

How We Tested?

We have tested hand mixers and hand blenders separately as they have different functionalities. To test hand mixers, we made a lot of cake batter. In the process, we whipped egg whites to a stiff peak, creamed butter, icing sugar, and egg yolk, whisked heavy cream, and also mixed all the components to make the cake batter. We also tried making cookie dough using the dough hook. But hand mixers were not able to do justice to it.

Next, for testing hand blenders, we blended dal, boiled tomatoes for making ketchup, made milkshakes, mayonnaise, etc. In the process, we analyzed different parameters like ease of use, the ergonomics of the blender, whether it got overheated, and ease of cleaning. We also used it regularly for an extended period in a regular kitchen to understand how it performed overall.

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Detailed Reviews Of Best Hand Blenders In India

Philips HR3705/10 300 Watts Hand Mixer

Philips HR3705 which is one of the best hand blenders in India

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It doesn’t overheat when used for a long stretch.
Efficient and quick in whipping cream, egg whites etc.
Being slightly heavy, your hand may ache when used for more than 5 minutes at a stretch.

Powered with a 300-watt motor, Philips HR3705 is a powerful and easy-to-use hand mixer apt for amateur bakers who are looking for a hand mixer for whipping and mixing ingredients for baking cakes and making ice creams.

The hand mixer has 5-speed settings and a turbo speed button. It also has a button to eject the mixer attachment or dough hook. The motor housing, being slightly heavy, might strain your hands when used for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. It also has a tendency to get slightly heated up after this timespan.

controls of Philips HR3705 which is one of the best hand blenders in India

Comparatively, its mixer attachment is larger than what Kent 16050 or generic hand mixers offer. As a result, when whipping large quantities of cream or egg whites, Philips will do a faster job.

attachment comparison done for the best hand blenders in India
Comparison of sizes of attachments of Philips HR3705 vs Kent 16050

We tried whipping small quantities of egg whites and cream to a stiff peak. It was able to complete its job in 3 and 5 minutes respectively, which is pretty good for a hand mixer. It was also capable of creaming butter with icing sugar in less than 2-3 minutes.

making cake batter as a test to find best hand blender in India
Mixing cake batter using Philips HR3705

The unit doesn’t make too much noise either. Though it comes with a dough hook, it is not really capable of combining crumbs to form a proper dough. For that, you would need a proper food processor or a stand mixer.

Overall, it is definitely one of the best options for those who would use a hand mixer on a frequent basis. Being a product of Philips, you can be certain of its durability too.

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Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Plus Hand Blender

inalsa inox 1000 hand blender which is one of the best hand blenders in India

Check price on Amazon

Versatile appliance
Excellent chopping, blending and whisking performance.
Easy to clean and use
Being slightly heavy, your hand may ache when you run the blender continuously for more than 5 mins.
Cannot chop tomatoes. It purees instead.

Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Plus is not merely a hand blender. It comes with a whisk and a chopper, making it a versatile appliance for any kitchen.

The blender stick comes with a rotating knob at the top using which you can set the speed in 5 levels. It also has a turbo speed button and a power button which need to be pressed continuously for the blender to work. Being slightly heavy, it may take a toll on your hands when used for a long time at a stretch too.

Inalsa speed controls which is one of the best hand blenders in India

Using the whisk, you can whip cream and egg whites separately into a stiff peak. We were able to whip egg whites to a stiff peak in just 2 minutes, which is faster than other options we tried. But when it came to whipping cream to a stiff peak, it took 7 minutes, which is longer than what Philips HR3705 was able to achieve.

Though the manufacturers claim the unit to have a 1000-watt motor, in terms of performance, we did not find it to be any edge because of the higher power rating.

The blending attachment is easy to fix to the stick. The 600 ml narrow jar is quite helpful while blending as it is just enough width to fit the blending stick and is tall enough to prevent ingredients from splashing out of the jar.

whipping cream as a test to find best hand blender in India
Whipped cream in Inalsa Inox 1000

The blender is capable of emulsifying oil and egg to make creamy mayonnaise in less than 2 minutes. Similarly, it can blend dal, boiled tomatoes and other hot ingredients in a flash. It was able to make a milkshake with apples, bananas and dry fruits in about 2 minutes. But, it took about 2 minutes to make a 300 ml milkshake, which is a bit longer compared to a personal blender. The consistency too wasn’t as smooth as what you get in a personal blender because it contained nuts. If you use just soft ingredients, the Inalsa Inox would do a good job at blending them to make milkshakes.

The chopper does a good job at chopping onion, carrot, ginger and garlic into tiny uniform pieces. But, with tomatoes, it makes a puree instead of chopping them.

Overall, it is definitely a great choice for kitchens that need a versatile appliance for blending, whipping and chopping. However, it isn’t ideal for mixing cake batter.

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Kent 16050 Hand Mixer

Kent 16050 which is one of the best hand blenders in India

Check price on Amazon

Budget-friendly option
Compact, efficient and easy to use
The stand is helpful in storing the appliance.
The beater attachment is comparatively smaller in size.
Not the best option for mixing larger quantities of ingredients.

Kent 16050 is available in two variants- with a 150-watt and a 300-watt motor. Compared to Philips HR3705, it is compact in size. Also, it comes with a stand where you can keep the dough hooks and mixer attachments. This makes it easy to store too.

The Kent 16050 also comes with 5-speed settings and an eject button. But, it doesn’t have a turbo speed option. Just like Philips HR 3705, you needn’t press the power button continuously for running the mixer. A drawback however is that within just a few uses, the print mentioning the speed level came off.

Kent 16050 controls which is one of the best hand blenders in India
Controls of Kent 16050

As mentioned earlier, its mixer attachment is comparatively smaller than what you find in Philips HR3705.

The mixer does a quick and neat job of whipping ingredients to the desired consistency. It was able to whip 2 egg whites to stiff peak for a small cake in 3 minutes and heavy cream to stiff peak in around 6 minutes.

egg white as a test to find best hand blender in India
Egg white whipped in Kent 16050

The unit doesn’t overheat too much. As mentioned earlier, the dough hook is a let down.

Though it has just a 150-watt power rating, we weren’t able to find any disadvantage in its performance whipping small quantities of ingredients. However, if you need to whip large quantities of ingredients on a frequent basis, we would recommend that you buy Philips HR3705 which is a more robust hand mixer.

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Orpat HHB-100E 250 Watt Hand Blender

Orpat HHB-100E which is one of the best hand blenders in India

Check price on Amazon

Powerful blender with good blending performance.
Budget-friendly pricing
Prone to staining and not easy to clean.
Durability is questionable.

Available at an extremely competitive price, Orpat HHB-100E is a fairly powerful blender that is capable of blending various ingredients into a fine consistency in no time. The blender is pretty basic. You can run it at just a single speed. Also, the blending attachment is not separate from the motor housing. Rather, it is a single unit. So, it may be a bit difficult to clean it. Also, obviously, you can’t clean it in a dishwasher. Being white in colour, it is quite prone to stains too.

blender blade of Orpat HHB which is one of the best hand blenders in India

Unlike hand mixers we discussed so far, you cannot whip egg whites or cream using it. Rather, consider it as a portable and easy-to-use mini-mixer grinder/blender that can be used to puree food, make milkshakes, blend hot ingredients for soup etc.

The unit does a fine job blending a variety of ingredients to a fine consistency. You can make mayonnaise in it in less than 2 minutes and blend 500 gm of boiled tomatoes too in a jiffy. After sieving through the pulp, you get just minimal fibre and seeds left over.

It is also capable of blending ( mashing) hot dal and making milkshakes too. A drawback however is that sometimes nuts could get stuck in the blending attachment.

We infer from the user reviews that the unit is not the most durable option out there. Of course, considering the competitive price, you can’t complain either. So, it would be an apt choice for those who are looking for a hand blender that lasts around a year. This means it is a great choice for new parents who are looking for something to blend baby food and make purees of fruits and vegetables. As you can see the consistency of the food while blending, you can adjust accordingly to make it chunkier as the baby grows.

It is also an apt choice for travelers who want to make shakes and smoothies on the go.

Kent 16044 Hand Blender

Kent 16044 which is one of the best hand blenders in India

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Lightweight and easy to use
Excellent blending performance
Fairly ergonomic in design
Ingredients sometimes get stuck in the blade guard.

Powered with a 400-watt motor, Kent 16044 is one of the most powerful options we tried. Though Inalsa Inox Robot claims to have 1000 watt motor, when it comes to performance, Kent 16044 was a tad better.

The motor housing is pretty similar to what you find on Inalsa. It too has a rotary knob at the top which can be rotated to set the speed at different levels, a turbo switch, and a power button that needs to be pressed while running.

blender blades of Kent 16044 which is one of the best hand blenders in India

The hand blender is capable of blending boiled tomatoes and making mayonnaise in no time. When it comes to making milkshakes, it does a decent job blending even nuts to a fairly fine consistency. But when you run it for more than 5 minutes at a stretch, it gets overheated.

making mayo as a test to find best hand blender in India
Making mayo in Kent 16044

Comparatively, it is lighter than the former option from Inalsa and Philips HL1655 making it easier to use.

If it had a better blade guard in which food doesn’t get stuck, we would have rated it as better than Philips HL1655, owing to the excellent performance and ergonomic design.

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Philips HL1655 Hand Blender

Philips HL1655 which is one of the best hand blenders in India

Check price on Amazon

Powerful blending performance
Comes with extra blades for whipping and whisking.
Ingredients won’t get stuck in the blade guard.
Being thick, it is not very easy to hold.

While the former options from Kent and Orpat had a single blade for blending, Philips HL1655 comes with 2 more blades for whisking and whipping. Though it may appear complex initially, it is pretty easy to remove the blade with the small tool that comes along. It doesn’t have multiple speed settings either, which is a letdown, considering Kent 16044 which comes at similar pricing has these options.

The blender is powered by a 250-watt motor. Just like Orpat, you cannot remove the blending stick from the blender, making it a tad difficult to clean.

Blending, whisking and whipping blades of Philips HL1655 which is one of the best hand blenders in India
Blending, whisking and whipping blades of Philips HL1655

When it comes to the blending performance, Philips HL1655 does a good job. It can make milkshakes, mayonnaise and puree fruits and vegetables with ease.

Though it has blades for whipping and whisking, you cannot whip cream or egg white to stiff peaks. Instead, it can be used to whisk eggs for omelettes, froth coffee, cream etc.

making milkshake as a test to find best hand blender in India
Making milkshake in Philips HL1655

One of the main advantages of the unit is that the blade guard is designed in such a way that ingredients like fruit pieces or nuts do not get stuck in it- something that happens often with the other models. It is capable of blending mayonnaise, hot dal, and pureeing fruits and vegetables with ease.

The main drawback of the unit is that it is bulky in size. This makes it difficult to hold, especially for longer stretches. The ergonomy could have been better.

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Generic Hand Mixer

Generic hand blenders

Check price on Amazon

Extremely budget friendly
Works adequately.
Durability is poor
Gets overheated when run for more than 4-5 minutes at a stretch.

You might have seen numerous hand mixers in the same design sold under different brand names. These are generic hand mixers imported from China and sold by various sellers on e-commerce platforms. Aftersales service is almost non-existent for these products. Being cheap, the durability too is questionable.

Almost a year back, we bought one of these generic hand mixers for whipping cream for making ice creams. We used it just once in 2-3 months to whip cream. Even then, it stopped working in 7-8 months. The unit used to get excessively heated even when working for just 3-5 minutes at a stretch.

Overall, it may be an apt choice for those who want a hand mixer once in a while. Even so, you never know whether it may break down at a crucial time. We don’t have a brand to recommend. You could check out the reviews and opt for ones like these which have more than 4-star ratings.

How To Choose A Hand Blender?

The following are some of the key aspects to look at when buying a hand blender.


The performance of a hand blender depends to a great extent on its design. Ideally, when choosing a hand blender, the blade guard should be open like what we find in Philips HL1655 so that ingredients do not get stuck in it.

If you are choosing a hand mixer, opt for one with large mixer attachments. Also, features like different speed settings, button to detach the attachments are all helpful additions that make a difference.


While power is a significant aspect, you needn’t necessarily splurge on a blender or mixer just because it has a higher wattage. In our tests, we found blenders with 300 watt motor and 1000 watt motors performed almost at par. Considering that you can’t dry grind ingredients and use blenders only for liquidizing, you needn’t stress too much about power. A blender with 200-300 watt motor is usually more than enough to power all functions of a hand blender.


Considering you may use hand blenders and mixers for 3-10 minutes at a stretch, ergonomics is an important aspect to look at. The appliance shouldn’t weigh too much. Further, it should be thin or have grooves that help you hold the blender without much strain on your hands.


When it comes to home appliances, you get what you pay for. A cheap blender or mixer is enough if you plan to use it for less than a year. However, if you are a baker looking to invest in a good hand mixer that will serve you for the long term, it is better to pay more and get a durable and better performing mixer. Similarly, if you are looking for a hand blender for pureeing baby food, it makes sense to buy a blender costing less than Rs.1000. Else, it is advisable to invest more for a more reliable product.

Ease of Cleaning

Blenders with removable wand and mixers with eject button to release attachments are far more easier to clean. The wand and blade can be cleaned in dishwashers. Else, you need to take great care not to wet the motor, failing which the appliance may stop working.


A hand mixer is an apt choice for those who are looking for a tool for mixing and whisking for baking. The best option to consider is Philips HR3705, which is a robust and high-performing hand mixer. If on the other hand, you are just looking for a hand blender, Philips HL1655 is an apt choice to consider. Inalsa Inox Robot 1000 is a complete package apt for those who need a whisk, chopper and blender combined into one.


Which are the best hand blenders in India?

Philips HR 3705 and Kent 16040 are two of the best hand blenders in India. They are powerful, quick, easy to use and durable.

Which hand blender is best for making cakes at home?

Philips HR 3705 is the best hand blender/ mixer for making cakes in large batches. It has large beater attachments, turbo mode and 5 speed levels which make it an excellent option for making cakes. If you are someone who bakes just occasionally, Kent 16050 would be a more budget-friendlier option. Its beater attachment is smaller. It takes slightly more time to whip up large quantities of ingredients.

How many watts should a good hand blender be?

Hand blenders with 300 watt motor are sufficient for domestic uses. They are fairly powerful and do not get overheated. Higher power motors are heavier and such blenders may not be easy on your wrists and arms.

What are the important aspects to consider when buying a hand blender?

The important aspects to consider when buying a hand blender are your needs, whether you need an option for baking or for blending; weight, wattage, price and ease of use.

Which is better- a hand mixer or a stand mixer?

A hand mixer is an apt choice for those who bake occasionally or home bakers who have just started out. You can use it to whip egg whites, cake batter and cream. But, it doesn’t work for cookie or pizza dough. Also, you need to be actively involved holding the hand mixer when using it. A stand mixer on the other hand is a lot more expensive. But, you can mix dough and batter with equal ease. Moreover, it can mix large quantities of ingredients easily, unlike hand mixers. Also, its a hands-free appliance.

What can I use instead of a hand blender?

For baking cakes, you can use a whisk instead of hand blender. You won’t be able to whip egg whites using it. But, you can combine batters, cream up butter and sugar with it. For whipping up cream, you can use a mixer grinder. Similarly, a mixer grinder can be used to make mayonnaise, purees and milkshakes too.

Can a hand mixer and blender be used interchangeably?

No, a hand blender and mixer have different purposes. A hand mixer is used for whipping egg whites, cream and batter. It is what you need when you need to incorporate air into the batter. But a hand blender, as the name suggests is used for blending. It is apt for making mayonnaise, blending hot ingredients for purees and soups and for smoothies and shakes with soft ingredients.

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