Types Of Kitchen Chimneys In India

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A kitchen chimney is no longer a luxury, rather it has become a necessity, thanks to more houses opting for open kitchens. Moreover, considering the quantity and variety of spices and frying involved in an Indian kitchen, you need a chimney to keep the fumes and smoke from messing all over the house.

So, what are the options available? Which type of chimney should you opt for? We will explore in-detail.

First of all, you need to know that chimneys can be classified in several methods. It can be classified by the type of installation, the type of filter used, the cleaning method, type of ducting and so on. We shall talk about all these types in detail below.

Types Of Kitchen Chimneys Based On Installation

Wall-Mounted Chimneys

types of kitchen chimneys- wall mounted kitchen chimney

These are the most common type of chimney found in Indian kitchens. As the name suggests, they are mounted on the wall using clamps. Comparatively, they are easier to install. Different types of wall-mounted chimneys are available depending on the type of filter, cleaning method, ducting etc.

Wall mounted chimneys are known to have effective ventilation and are space saving.

Island Chimneys

types of kitchen chimneys- island chimney

These types of chimneys are not popular in India, but common abroad. If your stove is on a kitchen island without walls surrounding it, then, you need an island chimney. They are suspended from the ceiling and are usually ductless. Instead, they have filters which can absorb the fumes and smoke. Comparatively, they require more maintenance as you will have to change/clean filters more frequently.

These chimneys are aesthetically pleasing and often a focal point in a kitchen. Moreover, being centrally located, they offer 360 degree ventilation. However, they are more expensive and installation is more complex compared to other types of chimneys.

Built-In Chimneys

types of kitchen chimneys- built-in kitchen chimney

Built-in chimneys are just like wall-mounted chimneys, but integrated into the kitchen cabinet in such a way that just the controls and the filters are visible from outside. They are aesthetically pleasing as most part of it remain concealed.

Corner Chimneys

types of kitchen chimneys- corner chimney
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Corner chimneys are rare in India. It is designed in such a way that it fits in a corner and have angular edges. These chimneys are helpful in maximizing corner space utilization in kitchen. They are also versatile as they can be used in L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens. However, the installation process and maintenance is comparatively complex. Also, design options are very limited.

Types Of Kitchen Chimneys Based On Filter

Baffle Filter Chimney

types of kitchen chimneys- baffle filter kitchen chimney

Baffle filters chimneys are the most common types in India. They have curved panels made of stainless steel or aluminum. Oil and grime from the fumes get deposited in between the curves of the panel. The advantage of the design is that the oily particles deposited in the curvature do not obstruct the functioning or suction power of the motor in the chimney. It is a perfect option for kitchens that often fry food and uses spices in their cooking. But, it needs to be cleaned regularly every 1-3 months depending on usage. Else, oil collected in the curvature may drip down from it.

Mesh Filter Chimney

types of kitchen chimneys- mesh filter kitchen chimney

Mesh filter chimney as the name suggests have multiple layers of stainless steel or aluminum mesh in them. When the motor suctions in the fumes, the oily particles get deposited in the mesh and the smoke escapes out.

Mesh filters are cheaper to replace and lightweight. But, they are more difficult to clean. Also, the mesh tends to obstruct the air flow reducing its suction power.

Carbon Filter Chimney

Carbon filter chimneys are not as common as the two former options we talked about. Here, there is an activated carbon filter in the chimney which absorbs the food odour. They are used in ductless chimneys.

The main disadvantage here is the need for frequent change of filters as they get saturated quickly. You simply cannot clean carbon filters.

Types of Kitchen Chimneys Based On Ducting

Ducted Chimney

As you would have noticed, all the above mentioned types of chimneys have a filter to capture oily particles. But the smoke is not captured by them. The smoke from food needs to be let out of the kitchen to reduce food odour inside the house. So, these chimneys are connected to ducts which have an outlet outside to let out the smoke. These duct pipes are usually made of aluminum and have 6 inch diameter. The length of the duct needed depends on how close the stove is to the nearby window. Typically, it costs around Rs. 900 for a 10 feet duct.

Ductless Chimney

If your kitchen doesn’t have an easy access to a window or an exhaust vent, then, you cannot install ducts to expel the air. In such cases you have to opt for ductless chimneys which have carbon filter to absorb odour from the air. The cleaned air is then released back into the kitchen. This type of chimney require more maintenance as you have to frequently change the carbon filter as and when it gets saturated.

Other Common Types Of Kitchen Chimneys In India

Auto-Cleaning Chimney

types of kitchen chimneys- auto clean chimney

Auto-cleaning chimneys are fast gaining popularity as they do not have a laborious maintenance process. Usually, it is a hassle to clean the oily grime from baffle and mesh filters. But auto-cleaning chimneys clean at the press of a button. These chimneys do not have filters. Instead, they have an oil collector where the oily particles get deposited. At the press of a button, the oil in the kitchen hood gets heated up, usually with a heating pad. The oil gets poured into a cup or an oil collector which you have to discard. These chimneys are also called filterless chimneys.

Vertical Chimney

types of kitchen chimneys- vertical kitchen chimney

Vertical chimneys are comparatively newer in India. In regular chimneys, the filter is positioned parallelly to the stove. But in vertical chimneys, they are at an angle. An advantage of this model is that by design, oil gets deposited at the bottom. So the auto-clean function is more effective in vertical chimneys. These chimneys are also mostly filterless and auto-clean. But, price-wise they are more expensive compared to horizontal chimneys.

So to conclude, chimneys are classified on the basis of installation, type of filter, cleaning etc. Often, these types may overlap. For example, vertical chimneys are often filterless and auto-clean. Many of the baffle filter chimneys come with auto-cleaning function, wall mounted chimneys come with baffle, mesh filter or they may even be filterless. Hence, it is important that you read the product description carefully to understand the features so that you decide on the type of chimney you need.

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