6 Reasons Why Your Vacuum Cleaner Is Not Picking Up Dirt?

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Often, after a few months of use, you may find a drop in your vacuum cleaner’s suction power. Fret not, you did not buy a poor vacuum cleaner. It is just that your vacuum cleaner needs periodic maintenance which you may have omitted.

Being an appliance that comes in close contact with dust and dirt, regular maintenance is paramount for a vacuum cleaner’s optimal performance. So, let us take a look at the reasons and main parts which you need to attend to when your vacuum cleaner is not picking up dirt as it used to.

Dust Container Is Full

full dust container is a reason why vacuum cleaner not picking dirt

Whether you have a bagged or a bagless vacuum cleaner, its dust container or bag should be cleaned regularly. Ideally, you should discard the debris after every use. If not, at least after every 3-4 use. Else, the dust container will get full affecting the vacuum cleaner’s suction power.

If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, it is also important that you wash the bag periodically so that the fibre cloth doesn’t get clogged too.

Filters are clogged

clogged filter is a reason vacuum cleaner not picking dirt

Bagless vacuum cleaners have two air filters. One in the dust container and the other in the air outlet. Bagged vacuum cleaners usually have just one filter in the air outlet.

These filters tend to get clogged with use. As a result, air will not pass effectively through the filter, which in turn will affect the vacuum cleaner’s suction power.

So, you should periodically remove and wash it gently using soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid putting it in the washing machine as it may damage the fibres of the filter reducing its purification capacity.

Blocked Hose

checking clogged hose

Sometimes, when you try to remove large debris using vacuum cleaner, it may get stuck in the hose or the tube, which will affect its suction power. So, you need to disassemble the tube from the hose and look through it to see if there is any debris blocking it. If so, use a long stick or blower to remove it.

Wet-and-dry vacuum cleaners need special care after wet vacuuming. Water droplets remaining in the hose or the tube will get in contact with the dust, resulting in wet clumps. They will not only clog the hose, but if large clumps get dislodged and goes inside the dust container, they may even clog the filter. So, always dry the dust barrel, hose and tube immediately after wet-vacuuming.

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There Is Gap In Airflow

airflow gap is a reason vacuum cleaner not picking dirt

If your vacuum cleaner wand is made of plastic, there is a high chance that it may develop cracks after a few years of use. Similarly, hose too are susceptible to minor cracks, resulting in leaks, which may affect the airflow. So, you should regularly check for gaps and cracks in the hose and wand to prevent this being a cause of suction power loss.

Obstructed Floor Brush

dirty floor brush is a reason vacuum cleaner not picking dirt

This occurs if you have a roller brush with your vacuum cleaner. Roller brushes have rotating bristles on which hair and other debris could get entangled. The brush is connected to a belt and having a dirty roller can overstrain the belt causing it to break or burning out the motor. This too could be a potential cause why your vacuum cleaner doesn’t remove dirt.

Malfunctioning Motor

malfunctioning motor is a reason vacuum cleaner not picking dirt

Though rare, the vacuum cleaner motor may fail after many years of use. In such cases, it is best to consult the brand’s after sales team to repair the motor.

In conclusion, maintaining your vacuum cleaner is crucial for its optimal performance and suction power. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to a decrease in performance, but fortunately, most issues can be easily resolved. By following a regular maintenance schedule and addressing potential issues promptly, you can extend the lifespan and effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner, ensuring it continues to efficiently remove dirt and dust from your surroundings.

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