6 Vacuum Cleaner Hacks That Work

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If you use your vacuum cleaner to just clean the floor and couches, then, you are grossly under-utilizing it. Unlike what many people think, vacuum cleaners are quite versatile and can help you with many more chores at home. To get you started, we rounded up some of the best vacuum cleaner hacks that will make your cleaning chores easier and more effective.

Make Your Home Smell Amazing

vacuum cleaner hacks- essential oil in filter.
Applying essential oil to the vacuum cleaner’s filter

A vacuum cleaner blows out warm air while cleaning. So, if you add a few drops of essential oil to the vacuum cleaner filter, it will spread the fragrance throughout the home when you are vacuuming. Moreover, you can remove any musty smell in the dust bag too.

Clean Tough Spots By Plugging A Sauce Bottle Cap Onto the Hose

vacuum cleaner hacks- cleaning tough spots using sauce bottle cap
Cleaning keyboard with sauce bottle cap attached to the edge of the hose.

To clean corners or crumbs that fell on the keyboard or any other tough spots, pop a sauce bottle cap to the end of the hose. It usually fits perfectly and the suction from the vacuum cleaner will keep the cap in place without needing any additional reinforcement.

Clean Front Loader Drain Pump

vacuum cleaner hacks- cleaning drain pump of washing machine
Drain pump of front loader

One thing I hate about cleaning the drain pump of my front loader is that water spills all over the utility area. But with a wet n dry vacuum cleaner, you can solve this easily. Connect the suction hose of the wet n dry vacuum cleaner to the drain pump and you can suck out any wet debris easily.

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Clear Clogged Sinks

vacuum cleaner hacks- unclogging sink
Clogged sink

Nothing can ruin your day more than a clogged kitchen sink. You can manage this better by using a wet n dry vacuum cleaner to first remove the standing water. Then connect the vacuum cleaner hose to the drainage pipe to get rid of debris that is clogging it.

Find Lost Small Items

vacuum cleaner hacks- finding small lost items
Finding small items with a vacuum cleaner

If you lost a piece of jewellery, coin, or any such small item, just pop a sock at the end of the vacuum cleaner’s hose and run it around the area where you dropped it. You will be able to catch the lost piece without vacuuming it up.

Stop Your Newborn Crying

When my daughter was a newborn, she had these bouts of crying when she just wouldn’t stop. The only thing that helped then was the white noise from running a vacuum cleaner. It is said that the noise of a vacuum cleaner is similar to the sound a baby hears in the womb. This familiarity helps them ease and settle down.

We know this is not a cleaning tip. But forget cleaning, when in need, a vacuum cleaner is worth its weight in gold for just stopping a baby’s incessant crying.

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