12 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants In India

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You like plants but suck at taking care of them? You like plants but don’t want to go through the hassle of taking care of them day in day out? You like plants but you are just too lazy to be a part-time gardener?

First, we understand and we do not judge you for that. Living in the big cities can do that to you. There is little time for leisure, hobbies or anything else that engages us. On top of it, living in the big cities essentially means a lack of open space and this discourages even the most ardent of gardeners. Thankfully, all is not dark, dank and hopeless in the world of gardeners (from the lazy to the most ardent ones). There is a whole sea of indoor plants available to us that require little maintenance, are easy to tend, and gainfully raises the aesthetic value of your cramped and bleak space. Here we go:

Snake Plant

low maintenance indoor plants in India- snake plant

Sansevieria Trifasciata, commonly known as snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue is a stemless plant that can last years with a little care. It can grow anything between 2-4 feet. The leaves of this plant are erect, fleshy, pointed, and sword-shaped. The leaves are green in colour with a tinge of yellow on the edges. It acts as a natural air purifier that absorbs toxins and improves the air quality inside the room.

Caring for it: These plants are native to West Africa and can survive both indoors and outdoors. They need watering only once in 10 days. It can survive on almost any kind of soil and can grow fully even with low sunlight. Just make sure you don’t put too much water since its root can rot in case of excess water.

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Aloe Vera

low maintenance indoor plants in India- aloe vera

Aloe Barbadensis Miller, more commonly known as aloe vera is another low-maintenance plant that is commonly grown in most households in India. It is known for its medicinal and healing properties and is used both commercially and at homes for various purposes. It is a stemless plant with thick and fleshy leaves that can grow both indoors and outdoors.

Caring for it: It is a hardy plant and can withstand pests with ease. Make it a point to keep it away from direct sunlight. It can be watered once in 7-10 days. Also, ensure there is no standing water and put water only when the soil is dry.

Peace Lily

low maintenance indoor plants in India- peace lily

Peace lily, also known as spathiphyllum is an indoor plant with big dark green leaves creamy-white flowers. Its flower in particular is quite distinct. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it acts as an air purifier and eliminates harmful toxins from the room.

Caring for it: It is another low maintenance indoor plant that needs little or no sunlight. You can water the plant once a week. Keeping the soil moist is the best way to determine the frequency of watering. 

Spider Plant

spider plant, which is an indoor plant

Spider plants have long, slender leaves with white and green colours running along the length of the plant. It grows in a dense cluster with the leaves arched downwards. This plant is native to tropical and southern Africa. Besides lighting up the room with its simple yet striking form, it also acts as an air purifier and clears the room of toxins quite effectively.

Caring for it: Direct sunlight can scorch its leaves, so place the plant away from direct sunlight. Water the plant only when the soil is dry. 

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Money Plant

money plant suitable for indoors and low maintenance

Believed to bring prosperity and luck to homes, the money plant is a popular indoor plant in Indian households. This plant mimics the property of a vine and has shiny, green leaves. Keep a couple of pots of money plant and watch your room get a major aesthetic boost. That’s not all, it also acts as an excellent air purifier in addition to the good looks and good fortune it brings to our homes.

Caring for it: Water the plant every 7-10 days during summers and 2-3 weeks during winters. Money plants can tolerate a lack of water but not overwatering. A little fertiliser once a month is also a good idea. Keep the plant in shade or indirect sunlight only. It grows particularly well in humid conditions.

Flamingo Flowers

flamingo flowers

A native to South America, flamingo flowers have shiny, dark green, heart-shaped leaves along with yellow-orange spadices. The leaves coating is shiny and rubbery in texture. It is a good air purifier that can absorb ammonia and formaldehyde from the air. They needs minimal sunlight and can be grown successfully in a pot.

Caring for it: Wipe the leaves once in a while to clean them and remove pests. Water it once every 2-3 days if you live in a hot and dry climate. If you live in humid conditions, you can water it once a week. Keeping the soil moist and standing water must be avoided at all costs. Adding fertiliser to it once a month is also a good idea. 

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Lucky Bamboo Plant

lucky bamboo plant for indoors

A regular in Indian households, this plant is a must-have if you follow Feng Shui. It is an inexpensive plant that is easy to grow and adds a touch of radiance into the space. It is believed to bring positivity, good health, and wealth to homes. Place it where it gets indirect sunlight. Just like many other indoor plants, it also acts as a purifier and absorbs harmful toxins from the air.

Caring for it: Keep the plant in a bright room. However, don’t keep it under direct sunlight. This plan can be grown both in soil and water. Just make sure you change the water once every fortnight. 


ferns for indoor

Ferns are known to be one of the oldest species of plants on earth. It does not bear any flowers or seeds. Its lush green leaves provide a much-needed bump in the aesthetic value of your house. It also removes air pollutants from the atmosphere.

Caring for it: Using plastic pots is advisable since it retains moisture more effectively. It requires minimal sunlight and can grow under low light too. Water it regularly but make sure you don’t overdo it. 

Chinese Evergreen

chinese green for indoors

This is yet another plant popular across Asia. In addition to the fact that these plants are believed to bring good fortune, it is also hardy plant. It can tolerate low light, dry atmosphere, and drought very well. The leaves are lance-shaped and come in shades of green, silver and grey. 

Caring for it: This plant can grow in low light too and needs watering on a moderate basis. Just make sure you keep the soil moist evenly and avoid standing water. A small amount of fertiliser every once in a while is also welcome. Make it a point to ensure that the plan is not exposed to extreme cold or heat.


monstera plant

A native to Central and South America, monstera thrives in humid, warm conditions which make it a perfect indoor plant for Indian homes. As the name indicates, under the right conditions, it can grow disproportionately large. We can control their growth by putting them in smaller pots. Its leaves are deep green, flat and shredded. Its air purifying property is top-notch. Place one of these beauties in your living room and you will be throwing statements in buckets all over the place.

Caring for it: Keep it under indirect sunlight only.  Water the plant once every 7-10 days or just water the soil whenever it gets dry.  Wipe the leaves clean once every week. 

Areca Palm

areca palm

Perfect indoor plant if you are looking to fill up a big space and give your home a tropical look. This plant has multiple stems arising from the base with green arched slender leaves. It also bears flowers during summers that can brighten up your room. Further, it acts as an excellent air purifier by absorbing toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene.

Caring for it: Keep the plant in shade and avoid direct sunlight. If you are not sure about how frequently you should water it, just keep the soil wet evenly throughout. Standing water is never a good idea. Make sure the soil is mixed well and doesn’t become too clumpy.


croton- low maintenance indoor plants in india

Croton is a plant native to South and South-East Asia which thick, leathery leaves of varying colours, shapes and sizes. The most common colours of the leaves are yellow, red, orange and green. This plant grows upwards and can reach grow considerably high. However, this can be managed if we plant it in smaller pots. It’s a perfect indoor plant if you are looking to add some serious colour to the house.

Caring for it: Keep it in under moderate sunlight and don’t expose it to the sunray directly. Do not overwater the plant and water the plant only when the soil is dry. Ensure that the soil is mixed well and use fertilisers at regular intervals.

It’s a known fact that most of us are living in concrete jungles and we get very little opportunity to see actual greenery. These plants don’t only make our living spaces more pleasant but also protects us from the harmful toxins that come not only from outside but also from the gas that generates from the garbage, cooking gas, toilet cleaners inside the house. To conclude, make it a point to ensure that you commit the time and effort to take care of these plants because they do will be doing the same for you in return in a much bigger capacity.

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