7 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

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Within a budget of Rs. 5000, you can get a good 750-watt mixer grinder that has 3 jars, a fairly good built quality and durability. For this review, we have shortlisted and tried 6 of the best mixer grinders under Rs.5000.

And our top recommendation of all the options is Sujata Supermix. It is in fact a 900-watt mixer grinder, while all other options on the list have a 750-watt motor. It has excellent performance, top-notch grinding efficiency, and good built quality. Using it, you can grind a variety of hard and soft ingredients in no time. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can opt for Sujata Dynamix, which comes with a steel coupler, stainless steel blending jar, and 2 extra blades for whipping and chopping. You can read the detailed comparison of Sujata Dynamix vs Supermixx here. ( Note that sometimes, the price of Supermix goes 100-200 rupees above Rs 5000)

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, Philips HL7756` is a pretty good choice. You can grind both soft and wet ingredients with ease. Comparatively, its jars are thinner and the lids of the smaller jars are made of plastic. Even so, it is a fairly good option for making batter, shakes, smoothies and occasionally dry grinding spices.

Which Are The Best Mixer Grinders Under 5000?

ModelPowerNo. of JarsWhom Is It For?
Sujata Supermix900 Watts3For those who need a powerful mixer grinder
that is capable of dry and wet grinding a
variety of ingredients.
Philips HL7756750 Watts3For those who need a budget-friendly mixer grinder
that has just above-average built quality and can grind regular day-to-day ingredients with ease.
Vidiem MG521A750 Watts3For those who need a good mid-range mixer grinder
for quick and efficient wet grinding.
Philips HL7701750 Watts4For those who need a basic mixer grinder for dry and
wet grinding.Comes with a juicer jar.
Prestige Delight Plus750 Watts4For those who need a well-built, comparatively
less noisy mixer grinder for regular grinding chores.
Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond750 Watt3For those who need a basic, well-built mixer grinder
capable of dry and wet grinding with flexible capacity.
Butterfly Jet Elite750 Watts4For those who need a compact budget-friendly mixer grinder with good grinding efficiency

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How We Tested?

Unlike most websites, we don’t just compare product specifications and recommend products. Rather, we test each and every product that we recommend. First, we analyse the built quality and performance by checking the thickness of the jars, measuring RPM using a tachometer and noise using a decibel meter.

To analyze the performance, we grind a variety of ingredients like ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, garam masala, idli batter, smoothies, shakes etc. We check the consistency of the ground ingredients and compare them to understand which is better. Finally, we also check how easy they are to clean, the design and other aspects to give you a comprehensive overview. Further, we read the customer reviews on major e-commerce portals to understand if there are any common problems and then analyze them.

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Important Aspects To Consider When Buying A Mixer Grinder

Power: As mentioned, ideally, you should choose a mixer grinder with at least a 750-watt motor. This makes it suitable for typical Indian cooking. To grind ingredients like coconut, idli batter, masala, spices etc, a 750-watt mixer grinder is the best option. If you are willing to extend your budget, you will be better off with 900-watt mixer grinder like Sujata Dynamix or Bosch Truemixx.

Type of Blades: The grinding performance of a mixer grinder heavily depends on the blade and its construction. The chutney blades should be close with little gap to the bottom base so that even a minute quantity of ingredients gets ground thoroughly. The dry and wet grinding jar should have a curved edge that is capable of creating a powerful vortex that can drive all ingredients to the blade.

Jars: With most options, you get 3 jars. It is better if one of those jars has a plastic lid so that you can grind masala in it without having to worry about staining the lid. Polycarbonate lids get discoloured quickly when grinding garam masala. The chutney jar should be compact and tall with a 300-500 ml capacity and the dry grinding jar should measure at least 1 litre. The wet grinding jars should have at least 1.5-litre capacity so that you can grind sufficient batter in a single go.

If your budget is Rs.5000, we suggest not opting for mixer grinders with juicer jar. Often, most people don’t use it after the first few weeks. Also, the juice yield of the jar is not good enough for most fruits and vegetables. Considering its limitations, it is better to opt for a mixer grinder with 3 main jars.

Aftersales Network: Most mixer grinders need minor repairs like a change of gasket or coupler within 4-5 years of use. Buying a brand with a robust network of aftersales service centres is hence crucial. Else, you may struggle to get the product repaired in time. It is also a good idea to opt for an extended warranty as you can get the product repaired at the convenience of your home.

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Best Mixer Grinders Under 5000

Sujata Supermix 900 Watt Mixer Grinder

best mixer grinder under 5000

Check price ( Amazon)

Excellent built quality and durabilityDoes not have an overload protection switch.
Best in-class wet and dry grinding efficiencyLimited aftersales service center network
Can run for a long duration at a stretch.

Sujata Supermix is one of the best mixer grinders you can buy for under Rs. 5000. It is pretty much similar to Sujata Dynamix, which we have rated as the overall best mixer grinder in India.

The mixer grinder has a 900-watt motor. It has RPM ranging from 19-21K without load. Owing to its high power, it can sustain a high RPM even when it is fully loaded with ingredients. Thus it is able to grind quickly and efficiently.

The unit comes with 3 jars. The largest is a 1.5-litre blending jar, then you have a 1-litre multipurpose jar and a 400 ml chutney jar.

Smaller jars of Sujata Supermix

The two small jars are made of stainless steel with polycarbonate lids. They are of pretty good built quality and the jars measure 0.8mm in thickness. The gasket too is strong and appears durable.

The largest jar is made of polycarbonate with a plastic lid. You can rotate and detach the jar lock and the blades for easy cleanup. In fact, when grinding idli or dosa batter, it is quite likely that grainy residue may linger in the jar lock. Hence, you may have to unassemble the jar. The drawback however is that constant unassembling may result in the lock system getting damaged. As a result, it may leak.

So, if you are someone who grinds batter just occasionally, then Sujata Supermixx would be a sensible option. But, if you make idli/dosa batter on a frequent basis, then Sujata Dynamix would be the better choice.

The grinding efficiency of the two smaller jars is quite top-notch. You can grind turmeric, garam masala and other hard spices with ease. Wet ingredients like chutney, masala, and ginger-garlic paste too can be ground easily. In fact, compared to other mixer grinder chutney jars, the blades are quite close to the base. So, you can grind even smaller quantities of ingredients with ease. When there is a gap between the chutney blades and the bottom surface, ingredients tend to get stuck in the gap and not get ground properly.

garam masala ground to test the best mixer grinders under 5000
Garam masala powdered in Sujata Supermix dry grinding jar

We tried grinding a variety of ingredients and were quite amazed by the grinding performance. Even milkshakes with dry fruits get blended into a smooth consistency without many unground chunks in it.

Cleaning the smaller jars are also fairly easy. As for noise, it makes around 90-95 dB noise, which is pretty much the range you find in most mixer grinders available on the market.

The price difference between Sujata Dynamix and Supermix comes to around Rs. 500. Supermix has a plastic coupler in the motor housing, while Dynamix has one made of steel. With Dynamix, you get a stainless steel wet grinding jar and 2 blades for whipping and chopping- something you don’t get with Supermix.

The different couplers have yet another implication. It means you can’t buy Supermix and get an additional wet grinding jar to use. Rather, you have to buy it as a package or from a local shop taking the motor housing along so that you get a compatible jar. Else, ensure the product description specifically mentions that the jar is compatible with the model you have.

If you use the blending jar mainly for smoothies and shakes, then, by all means, go for Supermix. Otherwise, opt for Dynamix.

Philips HL7756 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

philips hl7756 mixer grinder review

Check price ( Amazon)

Fairly good grinding efficiencyThe build quality is just above average.
Budget-friendly pricingBlade rivet has a tendency to rust.
Good aftersales service network

Philips HL7756 is the least expensive option on the list. It costs just about Rs. 3400 online. The mixer grinder comes with 3 jars. The chutney jar is smaller than most other options on the list measuring just 300 ml in capacity. The dry grinding jar measures 1 litre and the wet grinding jar measures 1.5-litre capacity.

The smaller jars have plastic lids and out of them, the dry grinding jar’s lid doesn’t have a gasket. Instead, it has a striped design that provides grip. But, after a few years of use, it is quite likely to get loose. The wet grinding jar has a polycarbonate lid. It is not dome-shaped like mixer grinders. But, this doesn’t affect the performance.

Talking about the grinding efficiency, we found that the small chutney jar is quite apt for grinding even a small quantity of ingredients into a fine consistency. The dry grinding jar is also capable of grinding tough spices like garam masala finely. But, not quite enough for grinding turmeric. Then, that shouldn’t be expected of such budget-friendly mixer grinders.

ginger garlic paste ground for testing philips HL7756 for best mixer grinders under 5000
20 gm Ginger garlic with 1 Tbsp oil ground in Philips HL7756 chutney jar

The wet grinding efficiency is fairly good. Be it making milkshakes, curry paste or even grinding idli-dosa batter, the mixer grinder does a fairly good job. You may have to run the mixie a little longer compared to premium options. But, we have no qualms about it given the budget-friendly pricing.

A drawback with the unit is that the rivet used to attach the chutney blade to the jar is not that good. It has a tendency to rust. Otherwise, the built quality is satisfactory.

Overall, with fair built quality and above-average grinding performance, it is definitely an option worth considering.

Butterfly Jet Elite 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

butterfly jet elite mixer grinder review

Check price ( Amazon)

Excellent grinding performance
Budget-friendly pricing
Compact footprint
Stainless steel jars are thin
Needs to be handled carefully, or else durability may get affected.

With 750 watts motor and 4 jars, Butterfly Jet Elite is a high-performing budget-friendly mixer grinder worth considering. Its main jars are well-designed with blades that are capable of grinding ingredients into a fine consistency. Be it idli batter, garam masala, chutney or milkshakes, the mixer grinder is able to grind them all to a fine consistency in no time. The noise levels come to around 86 dB, which is moderate. Being compact, it doesn’t take too much space in your kitchen countertop either.

The main jars measure 400 ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litres. They are all made of stainless steel. But, they are thin and the built quality of the lids too doesn’t seem optimal.

Yet another drawback is that when grinding small quantities of ingredients in the chutney jar, it sometimes gets stuck between the blades and the base and doesn’t get ground properly. Also, as we always mention, the juicer jar of mixer grinders does not give sufficient juice yield. Butterfly’s juicer jar too isn’t an exception. If you don’t want a juice jar, you could opt for their model that comes with 3 jars to save Rs.200.

Even though there are a few flaws, considering the price and excellent grinding performance, it is an option that will definitely satisfy you.

Butterfly Jet Elite 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

Vidiem MG521-A 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

best mixer grinder under 5000- Vidiem

Check price ( Amazon)

Excellent wet grinding efficiencyLimited after-sales service centres in North India
Fairly good built qualityFairly noisy
Easy jack lock system.

Vidiem is the brand owned by Maya Appliances which founded Preethi. They later sold it to Philips and launched Vidiem. The brand has a better presence in South India. So, if you are from North India, you may have to take an on-site repair program for hassle-free service after the warranty period.

The mixer grinder has a 750-watt motor and comes with 3 jars. The RPM ranges from 19500 to 20500 cycles without load.

The chutney jar has a 400 ml capacity. It has a dome-shaped twist and lock lid which allows hands-free operations. The multi-functional jar has 1-litre capacity and the large wet-grinding jar with a polycarbonate lid has 1.5-litre capacity.

Blades of Vidiem MG521A jars

The jars are comparatively thinner with 0.6mm thickness. Even so, the built quality seems fairly good. As all jar handles have orange accents, it is easy to spot it from a pile of utensils, typically experienced when maids clean all utensils and dump them in a rack.

The dry grinding efficiency is not the best out there. When grinding garam masala, after sieving, you get a lot of coarse residues. Even when after grinding turmeric, there are some coarse residues. But, it is within an acceptable range. We don’t think it would be the best option if you want to grind and make spice powders on a regular basis.

The wet grinding efficiency of the mixer grinder is excellent. What we really loved is that the blades create an excellent vortex at the centre pulling all ingredients to the blade and grinding them uniformly. The ingredients don’t splash out a lot, provided you have added just the right quantity of water.

Vortex created in Vidiem MG 521A while grinding idli dosa batter

A drawback however is that the unit is pretty noisy, making around 95-100dB.

Overall, if you are looking for a mid-budget mixer grinder under Rs. 5000, that can grind masala and batter efficiently, then Vidiem MG 521A is an excellent option to consider.

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Vidiem MG521 A 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

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Philips HL7701 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

philips viva collection hl7701 mixer grinder review

Check price (Amazon)

Fairly good dry and wet grinding efficiencyBuilt quality could have been better.
Has good after-sales service network
Largest wet grinding jar compared to other options.

Philips sells fairly good quality appliances and the HL7701 too follows suit. It comes with 3 main jars and a juicer jar.

It too has a 750-watt motor. The RPM of the blades ranges from 17-19K without load.

The main jars are made of stainless steel and they measure 0.6mm in thickness. The smaller jars have a plastic lid and the largest one has a dome-shaped polycarbonate lid.

The smallest jar has a 500 ml capacity, the multi-purpose jar has a 1-litre capacity and the large jar has a 1.7-litre capacity.

Jars of Philips HL7701

The built quality is just average. The handles appear a bit flimsy and just like HL7756, you sometimes see rust under the blades. Also, after a period of time, the plastic lid tends to get loose. You may have to change the gasket at that point.

The grinding efficiency of the mixer grinder is pretty good. When brand new, you can grind garam masala, turmeric and such hard spices with ease. However, after a few years, you would be better off limiting the usage to grinding just soft spices and other regular day-to-day grinding like masala, dosa batter, smoothies, shakes, ginger-garlic paste etc.

ginger-garlic paste ground for testing philips hl7701 for best mixer grinders under 5000
Ginger garlic paste ground in Philips HL7701 chutney jar

The wet grinding efficiency of the mixer grinder is also quite good. Owing to the large capacity, you can grind batter for 4-6 people in a single go using the wet grinding jar. Also, as it has a 750-watt motor, grinding is fairly quick.

Urad ground in the wet grinding jar of Philips HL7701

As we always mention, using the juicer jar, you can make juices of watermelon and cucumber pretty well. But, it is not the best option out there for juicing apples and pomegranates as pulp retains a lot of juice. It can’t be used for beetroot and carrot juice either. If you don’t wish to have a juicer jar, you could opt for Philips HL7699, which comes with just the three main jars.

Overall, it is definitely an elegant and durable mid-budget option to consider. Compared to Vidiem, Philips has a better network of after-sales service centres across India too.

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Prestige Delight Plus 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

prestige delight plus mixer grinder review

Check price ( Amazon)

Comparatively less noisyTakes a comparatively long time for wet grinding
Excellent dry grinding efficiency
Sturdy built. Easy jar lock system.

Prestige Delight Plus is a 750-watt mixer grinder that comes with 4 jars. The main jars are made of stainless steel with polycarbonate lids. They measure 0.8mm in thickness. The juice jar is made of polycarbonate with a polypropylene lid.

The main differentiating aspect of Prestige Deluxe Plus is that it comparatively makes less noise. Also, its jar lock to the base easily just like Vidiem. So, the chances of incorrect locking are almost nil.

prestige delight plus mixer grinder review- jars
Prestige Delight Plus Jars

The dry grinding performance of the mixer grinder is particularly good. It grinds garam masala to a fine powder with very little coarse residue. But the chutney jar should be filled to at least half the capacity for proper grinding. So, when we tried grinding just 30 gm turmeric and 20 gm ginger garlic for a single dish, the results were not exactly ideal. There were a lot of coarse residues and chunks after grinding.

garam masala ground for testing prestige delight plus for best mixer grinders under 5000
Garam masala ground in Prestige Delight Plus. 1.5 tsp of coarse residue was obtained after sieving.

Even when wet grinding, it takes comparatively more time for grinding batter to a fine consistency.

As mentioned, something we really liked is that it makes comparatively lesser noise. While most options make a noise of 90-95 dB at least, Prestige Deluxe Plus made about 87-92dB noise. It is not silent in any way. But, comparatively, more tolerable.

The unit is fairly easy to clean and has all standard safety features too.

But, its grinding performance is a bit behind Vidiem and Philips. So, if low noise level is a priority, opt for Prestige Deluxe Plus. If that doesn’t bother you, Vidiem, Philips or Preethi could be a better option for you.

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Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

Check price ( Amazon)

Value for moneyCannot grind smaller quantities
into a fine consistency
Fairly good built qualityModerately noisy.
Pretty good grinding efficiency

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond has the same motor base as the Blue Leaf Platinum we reviewed. Only the jars are a bit different. In Blue Leaf Diamond, you get a 400 ml chutney jar, 500 ml multi-purpose jar and a 1.5-litre wet grinding jar that has a Flexi-lid to convert it to a 1-litre capacity.

The unit has a 750 watt motor with RPM ranging between 17-18.5K cycles.

All jars are made of stainless steel with polycarbonate lids. The jar material is thicker measuring 0.8mm thickness.

The grinding efficiency of the unit is pretty good. You can grind garam masala, turmeric and other hard ingredients with ease. Though there is some coarse residue after grinding, the quantity is very less and within an acceptable range. However, a drawback is that there is a centimetre gap between the bottom surface and the blade of the smallest jar. So, you can’t grind a smaller quantity of ingredients into a fine consistency.

Garam masala and turmeric ground for testing best mixer grinders under 5000
3 tsp of coarse residue was obtained upon grinding and sieving 50 gm of garam masala. 1 tsp of coarse residue was obtained after grinding and sieving 30 gm turmeric.

The wet grinding jar is a bit squarish in shape. Its grinding efficiency is fairly decent. Comparatively, you find that the Blue Leaf Platinum and Gold has a conical-shaped jar which creates a stronger vortex to pull down and thoroughly grind ingredients.

The noise level is moderately high at around 90-95 dB. Comparatively, we found the noise levels lower than than Vidiem, but not as tolerable as Sujata.

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Which Is The Best Mixer Grinder Under Rs.5000?

One of the best mixer grinders under Rs.5000 is Sujata Supermixx, which is similar to Sujata Dynamix. It has 900 watt motor and 3 jars. The grinding performance, durability and run-time are among the best. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can consider Philips HL7756. It has a 750-watt motor and excellent grinding performance. But, the built quality is a bit lacking.

Which Is A Silent Mixer Grinder Under Rs.5000?

Prestige Delight Plus is a comparatively silent mixer grinder available at a price less than Rs.5000. Its dry grinding performance is good. The wet grinding performance is adequate but takes a longer time. Its noise level is about 87-92dB which is lower than other options which usually have 90-100 dB.

Which Is the best mixer grinder under Rs.5000 for dry grinding?

If dry grinding is your main point of concern, you can take a look at Sujata Supermix which comes with a 900-watt motor. You can make powders of even tough spices like turmeric with ease.

Which is the best budget-friendly mixer grinder under Rs. 5000 for wet grinding?

If you need a mixer grinder mainly for wet grinding batter, making milkshakes and curry masala paste, then Vidiem MG521-A is an excellent option. Not only does it grind well, its built quality is also among the best.

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